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Heroes megaspoiler 20+

Mega Spoilers dal Blog di Kristin:

Sylar's Gonna Make Some "Drawerings": And I use the pronunciation from Mike Myers' character on Saturday Night Live (you do remember cheeky monkey Simon in the bathtub, don't you?) because that's exactly how the paintings of the future are gonna look from now on. Like a five-year-old drew them. As I've been hinting at for a while now, the power of the Hero who dies—whom we now know to be Isaac—will live on in Sylar. "I've been doing mostly stick figures lately," Tim Sale tells me, referring to Sylar's latest hobby. And since Sylar is the only one who can now paint the future, well, they can't very well kill him off, can they? Can they? Discuss below.

Sulu Is Back! Hiro's dad will return and teach him how to use the sword. There is much more to Hiro's father than meets the eye!

Linderman Can Do Good: And he might just do good by Nathan's wife (Rena Sofer). And I am not talking about an indecent proposal, you dirty-birdy brains

Kevin in Chester Heights, Pennsylvania: Will Heroes have a new cast of characters in season two? Any info on this?

First off, if you want Heroes dish and you haven't already checked out today's all-Heroes edition of the Vine, watch it now for tons of scoopage from the stars themselves. Secondly, mastermind Tim Kring told me about season two, "There are plans to add one new, one big character next season." I’m told that character is female—to even out the gender ranks a wee bit. Tim also told me that those Heroes who remain are likely to stick around, 'cause he's changed his m.o. "I thought Heroes was going to have an ever-shifting cast," he says, "but the cast hit in such big ways that now the challenge is to figure out how to use them all and still fold in a couple of new people, because I still think that the origin stories are the most fascinating, in some ways."

Ken in Boulder, Colorado: Will we see Nathan become president on Heroes?

Sources tell me visions from the future are not always as they seem.

Also in an interview on her page Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) says that at the end of the season finale things look "pretty bad".

These spoilers were taken from TV Guide

April 23 also brings the death of yet another hero, but that's nothing compared to the body count on April 30. That episode, titled "String Theory," is set five years in the future. "It's a cautionary tale — a look at what will happen if no one stops the bomb," Kring says. America has become a veritable police state, and people with special abilities are being hunted down, arrested and registered with the feds. Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) is president, Mohinder is his chief medical adviser, and Matt (Greg Grunberg) is head of Homeland Security. Claire (Hayden Panettiere) has gone undercover as a greasy-spoon waitress. Niki (Ali Larter) has turned stripper and is romancing Peter, who has an unexplained scar running across his face. And in the hour's wildest twist, sweet, funny Hiro (Masi Oka) has become the country's most wanted terrorist.

The fanboy's new look — soul patch, samurai ponytail, military-style jacket and boots — is downright scary. "Present-day Hiro gets to meet future Hiro and realizes, 'That's not who I want to become,'" Oka says. "Mentally, I have to go to a very different place with this. No one on the set wants to talk to me. I'm giving out that vibe. No jokes."

No one's laughing at Matt, either. "His power in the government really goes to his head," reports Grunberg. "He's got the Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis) working for him so he can stop anybody's powers when he needs to. He literally kills off several popular characters in this episode. It's awesome." But, truth be told, the actor is a little worried about Hiro worship. "I really slap the crap out of Masi," Grunberg says. "He's the star of the show, and here I am kicking his *** mercilessly. The fans are gonna hate me!"


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