mercoledì 1 agosto 2007

Heroes: Exclusive Season 2 Trailer!

- Hiro falls out of the sky onto a grassy slope in feudal Japan. There is an army of uniformed samurai down the hill from him, and on top of the hill, a lone, masked samurai who rears up on his horse with sword held aloft.

- Later, in feudal Japan, we see multiple clips of a long-haired Japanese woman. In one, she is wielding a sword against an armored samurai in the middle of a village with a large crowd looking on. In another, she is hoisted onto a horse by a man, possibly Hiro.

- In a particularly intriguing feudal Japan scene, we see the same woman face-to-face with the lone masked samurai, who lifts his mask to reveal a freckled Caucasian male, who looks a lot like Ben Foster (X-Men 3, Six Feet Under).

- Back in the States, Momma Petrelli berates a shabby-looking, fully-bearded, dejected Nathan about "letting his brother die"--seemingly implying that things would be better if Peter was around.

- We see Claire in one scene almost get hit by a car that stops abruptly, and she looks at the unseen driver with what seems to be startled recognition. In another scene, she is sitting on her bed like a girl painting her toenails, except she is cutting her own pinkie toe off with scissors (cringe!).

- During one transition, we hear a deep, sinister, inside-your-head-type voice uttering, "I can see yooouuuu," and in the following scene Matt Parkman is comforting Molly Walker, the young girl whose life he saved in early season one and was revealed as the "Hero tracking device." She cries, "He can see me!" presumably alluding to the badder-than-Sylar guy she mentions in season one.

- A glimpse of Maya, one of the new heroes, running with someone as a car chases them down a road that doesn't appear to be in the United States, presumably it is the Dominican Republic.

- There are multiple glimpses of a 30-something brown-haired Caucasian woman in a white shirt, possibly the other new hero, Monica.

- Ando on a rooftop, rushing to look over the edge and yelling after somebody.

- A quick glimpse of Sylar (yep, he's not dead).

- A glimpse of Jessica/Nikki and Micah together.

- The trailer ends on a dramatic note, with a sudden flash of light on a dirty Peter Petrelli cowering in a corner. It appears he has been confined in a small dark room, and is cringing away from the light and/or the person who has opened the door. Guess he's not dead after all, either!

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